Glee Cast Cover My Chemical Romance’s “Sing”

httpv:// The full Glee cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” has been uploaded to YouTube. The song is performed by Sue Sylvester and New Directions. If you’re a Glee fan you can catch the episode on February 15th in the USA. have also posted a short feature on the cover. Now that we’ve heard it, what do you think?

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17 Responses to Glee Cast Cover My Chemical Romance’s “Sing”

  1. richard says:

    nothing in the world can discribe the rage i feel now…there is no emotion in it ….BLAGH!!!! sorry u vometed

  2. SpyKi says:

    I love Glee but that was just bad. Not a good combination at all.

  3. Dani says:

    My soul just died. Thanks Glee. Thanks a lot. I agree with Richard. No emotion. WTF?

  4. Cryptic says:

    Only one thing to say:


    Way to make a bad song even worse.

  5. SpyKi says:

    It’s funny, the show’s even started autotuning the people that can sing. They have some fantastic singers on the show and they actually make some of them sound worse with it.

  6. Sas says:

    I honestly feel like puking. Everywhere. I knew this would happen, but dear god! Why did I put myself through that?
    We got a medical emergancy. x|

  7. sipie says:

    Soory guys but its happend 😦 we’ll have to grieve in our own ways. Hopefully by starting a ‘FUCK GLEE’ chant at every mcr concert lol

  8. Skydog says:

    ^ Sipie is a genius.

  9. MadRajer says:

    Yeah, because hating on shit is so the MCR way. I don’t like it either, but I just shrugged my shoulders and went on living my life. Also, even if the cover had been good, everyone decided they hated it the moment they heard the news. It could have been the single greatest composition in the history of music and all of these comments wouldn’t have been different by a single keystroke.

  10. Zin-x says:

    Fact is though… it sucked 😐

  11. bloodless_soul says:

    You guys just don’t get it do you?! suck it up! jeez ¬¬ i wasn’t too enthusiastic about it either. hell i was “puking” with the best of them. but you aren’t listen to the music behind the music! and there isn’t any usually in company produced shit like this but its embedded in the song itself! it’s new meaning to the song, which is what MCR intended. a song that ANYONE can sing and make it their own. as long as you have a voice, hell even if you don’t. its fit while the lyrics to “sing it for the one’s that’ll hate your guts” MCR fans are hating glee left right and centre. so like i said. suck it up. blind fans make me rage ¬¬

  12. sipie says:

    So what about the episode where they slaughtered Rocky Horror? Have you heard other songs they’ve ‘attempted’ to cover?

  13. Skydog says:

    Bloodless, you sound like a Glee fanatic…. especially trying to stick up for them….
    You can go listen to this slaughtered cover, but until it’s never heard again I will say how awful it is because I can.

  14. Skydog says:

    And this person wants us to watch it on YOUTUBE only.
    So they got a big thumbs down for a shitty cover and a shitty policy.

  15. bloodless_soul says:

    @sipie if you read it i mention the all american rejects cover so that a general point in the direction of yes.
    @skydog you sound like someone who doesnt understand the messages. “you sound like a glee fanatic” you sound like an idiot. 1 i dont watch glee, 2 if you read it properly i called it “company produced shit” which for anyone with a brain mean music without feel produced purely to make money 3 at NO POINT did i actually mention the show and at NO POINT did i defend their actions. go read again and without the hateful embedded in your soul this time. ¬¬

  16. Cryptic says:


    This is sadly another example of how gullible MCR fans. Don’t believe everything Gerard way says in an interview. He’s not all knowing and a lot of the stuff he said is bull shit. MCR didn’t put it on Glee so that “anyone could sing it and make it their own.” They did it for exposure and money. Obviously, they’re gearing the latest album towards a new audience. American Idol, Glee, the extremely mainstream singles they keep promoting. I could give a rat’s furry ass if they’re doing it for exposure and money. The problem I have with this stunt on Glee is that this is coming from a band that has denounced mainstream TV shows such as Glee and hell even wrote a song about Twilight. You have accounts of Gerard bashing mainstream bull shit like Glee and then 2 years later they put a song on it? If they want to expose their songs to the mainstream or make a quick buck then that’s cool. It’s annoying and disheartening when they make it out to be something it’s not. Just be straight with the fans, then you won’t have people divided over the song being on Glee and people will respect you for being straightforward and honest. You can’t act like a popular band that doesn’t want to be popular or want fame and then go and put a song on Glee. MCR wants to be as big as they can be, so they should just shut up and do it and stop pretending to be the kids who grew up in basements and VFW halls in Jersey. Look at Bon Jovi, they started out with the same humble beginnings of MCR but made it clear they wanted to be the biggest band they could. They still have the respect of their early fans but have taken it to a global level. Maybe MCR should take some pointers from them.

  17. Skydog says:

    I understand that.. but your last sentence
    “MCR fans are hating glee left right and centre. so like i said. suck it up. blind fans make me rage ¬¬”
    Makes you sound like one. That’s all. 🙂
    Settle down… 😐

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