My Chemical Romance’s Setlist At Wembley, London

The setlist from tonight’s (February 12th) UK opening show at Wembley Arena, London has been posted at The set was as follows:

Mikey Live, Wembley

Mikey Live, Wembley

1. Na Na Na
2. Give ‘Em Hell Kid
3. Planetary (GO!)
4. Hang ‘Em High
6. Vampire Money
7. Our Lady Of Sorrows
8. Mama
9. The Only Hope For Me Is You
10. Party Poison
11. Summertime
12. I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
13. Famous Last Words
14. The Ghost Of You
16. Welcome To The Black Parade
17. Teenagers
18. The Kids From Yesterday
19. Helena
20. Cancer
21. Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Overall the setlist is similar to that of the Japan dates. Tracks removed from the setlist since the Osaka, Japan show were “Thank You For The Venom”, “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back”, “House Of Wolves” and “Desolation Row”. New UK editions to the setlist were “Give ‘Em Hell Kid”, “Hang ‘Em High”, “Party Poison”, “Famous Last Words”, “DESTROYA” and “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”. Expect the upcoming seven UK dates to follow the same set.

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20 Responses to My Chemical Romance’s Setlist At Wembley, London

  1. richard says:

    why expect the same set…in the japan tour they changed it every single night

    • Chris says:

      I said a similar set to the Japan dates, as in most of the same tracks. The songs I listed were that which changed since their last show in Osaka on January 31st.

  2. SpyKi says:

    I hope they keep Hang ‘Em High and Vampires in for tomorrow. I’ll be gutted if they drop one.

  3. Cryptic says:

    This is the first time I’ve actually been excited since they started touring again. It’s awesome to hear Gerard scream again and it looks like he’s got the old revenge-red eye stuff on again. The tempo to Vampires is cut down a bit but still cool.

  4. Skydog says:

    That was really cool Cryptic, very album-like sounding so nice job boys! Lol =)

  5. sipie says:

    Still no Bullet Proof…

  6. LugosiLives says:

    yeah there really needs to be a buller proof and zero percent haha and id be amzed if they ever did that safe and sound song haha doubt it though =/ but imagine if!!!! 😮

  7. tinewashere says:

    It’s things like this that makes me excited to be a fan – watching them playing Vampires. Even though I’m quite bummed about Glee and some of the newer things they’ve agreed to do, they can still be amazing and play the old songs.

  8. sipie says:

    I wish Id had been at Wembly to hear Vampires. Now I know it’s in the setlist I feel like I’ve peeped at a Christmas present :/

  9. cameron says:

    that pic isnt of mikey at wembley he was wearing a different shirt at wembley (sos)

    btw they were amazing at wembley and the support acts are really cool to

  10. robyn says:

    Thats mikey at Birmingham not wembley!

  11. Jo says:

    I lost my voice at this gig, still can’t talk XD

  12. Eredish says:

    Last nights glasgow gig was amazing, if i was ever insecure about mcr after this album im not now. Although my friend did earn a concussion for starting 4 mosh pits

  13. richard says:

    but they cut the setlist? its 18 songs now i wodner whats happend

  14. Eredish says:

    true i never noticed that, maybe their wembley and london shows were just bigger in proportion so they played longer ? or their show at london and wembley ran too long ?

  15. richard says:

    wembley IS london its the bermingham show..and i dont think they did i have herd rumors about the crew messing about and not being able to get there act together- the SJM crew not mcrs tec guys

  16. rachel says:

    The setlist was slightly different at nottingham. They did play bulletproof heart as the final song and didnt play party poison if i recall correctly. They are an extremely good live band.

  17. richard says:

    yeah they played vampires then helena cancer and bulletproof was the encore i was there to was a awsome night

  18. Laur says:

    The Cardiff gig they finished with bullet proof … And they did I dont love you. It seemed like they did a lot more songs too lime pretty much most of the new album and the last

  19. sipie says:

    The finished with Bullet Proof in Manchester 🙂

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