My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” On Glee Video

httpvh:// those of you who missed it or if it hasn’t aired in your country yet, here is My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” featured on Glee. The cover is performed by Sue Sylvester and New Directions in the episode titled “Comeback”. have posted an interview with Ray and Frank about their feature on Glee.

“With the record industry the way it is now, with pop music the only thing dominant, I think you have to make choices like this to make inroads into things. I only saw the show twice after we were asked to do it and I don’t think there is anything like that on television. My least favorite parts of the actual show is the singing; I think as that is a bit too much like Grease.”
Ray Toro – – 2011

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4 Responses to My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” On Glee Video

  1. Skydog says:

    They displayed it just as bad…
    I think my high school plays were better TBH.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah. All in all though it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Obviously the emotion has been completely stripped from it but I thought what they did to Bon Jovi was much worse. I’m glad it’s over with now. I’ll be glad to see the back of it.

  2. Shaily says:

    The guy at 1:22 actually likes MCR and jumped off stage to kill himself!! 😀
    This is just embarassing and too cheesy.
    To be honest I can’t believe MCR agreed to doing this after they totally shunned the Twilight Saga and it even looks like Ray is saying Glee is crap when he commented on it.

  3. AlexFHMCR says:

    LOL. MCR should have come on at the end and shot them all! The bloke who jumped off the stage had the right idea, he probably liked bullets! 😀

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