“Planetary (GO!)” Lags Gallows Remix

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me1_OMLI-X0 The Lags Gallows remix of My Chemical Romance’s “Planetary (GO!)” has been uploaded to YouTube. The mix is set to feature on the digital single, due for release on March 27th. The single is set to feature the following tracks:
1. Planetary (GO!) (Explicit)
2. Planetary (GO!) (Lags Gallows Remix)
3. Planetary (GO!) (Vasquez/Gorman Remix)
Clips of all three tracks are available now at Amazon.co.uk. Thanks to Pascal for that.

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3 Responses to “Planetary (GO!)” Lags Gallows Remix

  1. Skydog says:

    Don’t like the sound of this at all…
    It sounds like a cheap Youtube remix.. :

  2. Anna says:

    Well. That was absolute shit.

  3. LinTu says:

    Not bad, I don’t like remixes, no matter if I like the original song or not

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