My Chemical Romance VS Sum 41

March Musical Madness

March Musical Madness

My Chemical Romance have made it into the elite eight in this years March Music Madness. They’re currently battling it out with Sum 41 at My Chemical Romance are in the lead by only 1%! Cast your vote now to keep them on top.

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14 Responses to My Chemical Romance VS Sum 41

  1. LinTu says:

    Hope they win 🙂

  2. tinewashere says:

    so we’re up against paramore now, and i doubt they’ll win this round. paramore just have a GIGANTIC fanbase these days.

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh wow, this site still exists! I used to own Skin Off Our Bones, don’t know if you remember it. Very glad to see you’re still going strong!

  4. Chris says:

    Hey Lauren, great to hear from you. Sure I remember Skin Off Our Bones, it was the best. I remember the layouts and everything. It was one of my early influences. I look back on those times as being the good days. It was Skin Off Our Bones, Drinking Souls and MCR Online. Yeah we’re still online. Probably passed our sell-by date but we’re still here!

  5. LinTu says:

    I can’t believe Paramore won 😐

  6. sky says:

    Paramore is so awful too..
    Hayley can’t even hold 1 part of a note down.. and don’t BLAME it on her Jumping around.. MAYBE SHE SHOULDN’T AS MUCH THAN?
    Sounding good is better than moving the entire concert….
    i can’t believe people can stand listening to her live.

  7. tinewashere says:

    hahaha, sky, do you actually know anything about singing? seriously.. ’cause if you did, you’d know that she’s actually a pretty good singer technically and yes, she does sing much better than a lot of other singers out there. she’s been blessed with a very powerful voice and she knows how to used it very well.
    i’m not saying you’re not allowed to dislike her, but bashing her on her technical perfomance is ridiculous when she’s actually very well-trained.

  8. tinewashere says:

    just watch some of this:
    and try to convince me she can’t sing.

  9. Joseph Smith says:

    She was lip syncing one song, and the majority were low-note easy acoustic songs. And shouldn’t someone’s best moments be longer than 10 minutes if they are so blessed? 8)

  10. tinewashere says:

    in which one was she lip syncing?
    she didn’t make that video, a user did, that’s why it’s 10 minutes long. the length of the video says nothing about her talent, you should know that.
    wanna hear her higher notes then? here she belts out an E5.

  11. skydog says:

    God thats awful…
    She’s struggling seeing half the song.

  12. skydog says:

    Singing even… was reading comments on Youtube lol.

  13. tinewashere says:

    yes, she’s straining a bit, but she’s had a lot of throat problems the past few years, so her voice hasn’t been spot on. if you look up older song, like ‘conspiracy live’, you can definitely hear how talented she was even at 18 years old.

    but whatever.. i’m just going to give up now, you obviously won’t change your mind.

  14. Skydog says:

    TBH I know quite a few singers who have had throat surgery and other vocal surgeries and they still sound 30x better than her..

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