Frank Iero

General Information

Frank Anthony Iero, the second guitarist in the band, he was born on October 31st 1981 in Belleville, New Jersey. He grew up with his mother, Linda, who divorced his dad. Just like fellow band member Gerard Way he has being playing in bands since he was only eleven years old. Frank attended a catholic school when he was growing up and was bullied in high school but then went on to four long years of Rutgers University. Frank is the youngest member in the band. My Chemical Romance was in need of another guitarist and after Frank’s band “Pencey Prep” broke up he decided to join the band.


Black Flag, American Nightmare, The Bouncing Souls, The Beastie Boys and Billie Joe.


Frank has three piercings and many tattoos.
He learned to play guitar by imitating Billie Joe.
Frank has names for his guitars such as “Pansy”, “Bela” and “Texas”.
He owns his own music label, clothing label and book publishing company all in one called Skeleton Crew.
He got his first tattoo on his 18th birthday, which was a pumpkin on his back because he was born on Halloween.
Frank is a vegetarian.


Two broken toes
Four chipped teeth
Lacerations to hands, knees, and head
Various contusions and bruises


On March 9th 2008 Frank married his fiance Jamia. The Bouncing Souls attended the wedding and publicly announced the news on a Myspace bulletin posted a day later on March 10th 2008:

Yesterday we all enjoyed celebrating the wedding day of our good friend Frank from My Chemical Romance to his beautiful wife Jamia. It was a fine family gathering which ended up in us singing a couple of Frank’s fav Souls songs. Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio jumped up to sing along to an acoustic version of Night On Earth. He also did 3 of his songs on acoustic. Acoustic Skiba = goosebumps.
Congratulations to Frank to Jamia and much Love to you both.