Past Bands

Before My Chemical Romance Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Frank and Bob were all in various other bands.

Pencey Prep

Pencey Prep are an alternative rock band that Frank Iero was formally a member of before joining My Chemical Romance. The band formed from former members of punk bands ‘Sector 12’ and ‘Stick Figure Suicide’. The bands five piece line up consisted of Frank Iero, Shaun Simon, John McGuire, Neil Sabatino and Tim Hagevik. They played small shows around New Jersey alongside bands like Nada Surf, The Strokes, Thursday, New Found Glory and Brand New. In 2000 Pencey Prep released their debut EP ‘Long Walk To Forever’. This apparently only consisted of two tracks and it is unknown which record label it was released by. Shortly after this in the fall of 2001 they released their first and only album ‘Heartbreak In Stereo’ on Eyeball Records. The album consisted of fifteen tracks and one hidden track, including both of the songs from the EP. Shortly after the release of the album the band broke up. After the split in early 2007 ‘Heartbreak In Stereo’ was re-released as it became difficult for new fans to find the CD. It is certain that most of these new fans only heard of Pencey Prep through Franks success in My Chemical Romance.

I Am a Graveyard

Frank Iero formed I Am a Graveyard shortly after the split of Pencey Prep.


Sector 12

Give Up The Ghost