Temporary Members

Matt Cortez

Matt Cortez 2007

Matt Cortez 2007

On March 7th 2007, bassist Mikey Way married his fiancee Alicia Simmons and On April 23rd 2007 during the bands ‘The Black Parade’ world tour he announced that he was to temporarily leave the tour to spend time with his new wife. During this time Frank’s guitar technician for the tour, and friend of the band, Matt Cortez filled in as bassist. Matt joined the tour in late April 2007 and played for around four months until Mikey returned to the group in late August 2007.
Matt can be seen briefly in the Life On The Murder Scene documentary when he films Gerard throwing up. The scene starts at approximately 1:08:33.

James Dewees

James Dewees became the touring keyboardist for the band on 2007’s Black Parade world tour. Following the tour, it was believed that James would be joining the band full time, however, this was later proven false in an interview with James after the release of his latest album. He was also ordained a priest in order to perform the marriage ceremony between Mikey and Alicia Way on March 8th 2007. He is currently the drummer in the hardcore/punk band “Leathermouth”, which My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero is also involved in.