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Frank Iero Posts “Danger Days” CD

For the more excited among you, Frank Iero has tweeted an image of the “Danger Days” CD. In 10 days time we’ll all have our own copies.

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The Umbrella Academy & TV Reciever Similarities

I’m not quite sure where credit belongs for this. The image above is a clearer version of a picture currently doing the rounds on Twitter. The image shows the visual similarities between the cover of The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3 … Continue reading

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Enter Tommy Chow Mein

Another Twitter user, Tommy Chow Mein has been tweeted in by NewsAGoGo. He is currently following Dr. Death Defying, NewsAGoGo and Agent Cherri Cola.

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Fake Agent Cherry Cola Twitter Account?

Whilst the three Twitter accounts, (DrDeathDefying, NewsAGoGo and AgentCherriCola) continue to post cryptic messages, a fourth account by the name of AgentCherryCola is reportedly a fake. The user posted their first tweet on 4th September, 4:41AM, just 1 minute after … Continue reading

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Dr. Death Defying, NewsAGoGo & Agent Cherri Cola On Twitter

There is a fair amount of hype on twitter at the moment surrounding a user by the name of Dr. Death Defying (@DrDeathDefying). The account was created at a similar time as started broadcasting the receiver. So far, the … Continue reading

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Within the past hour (between 12:00am-1:00am GMT time), some sort of interactive receiver has been put up at Whilst the meaning is unknown, I would assume that it is being used as a temporary placement whilst Warner Brothers update … Continue reading

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Wendy Rollins Tweets New My Chemical Romance Song Information

Wendy Rollins, who works at Philadelphia’s Radio 104.5 is continuing to update fans with information on two new My Chemical Romance songs, “Na Na Na” and “Sing”. The tracks were sent out to her radio station for airplay consideration on … Continue reading

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