Mikey Way

General Information

Michael James Way, most commonly know as Mikey Way, was born on born September 10th 1980 in Newark, New Jersey. Mikey is the younger brother of frontman to the band Gerard Way, who he has a very close relationship with and like his brother is half Scottish and half Italian. When he was growing up Mikey worked for Barnes And Noble, in addition to being an intern at Eyeball Records, who were the record company that would put out the bands first album. Mikey learnt to play bass just so he could be in the band and so he also dropped out of collage. Mikey came up with the band name ‘My Chemical Romance’ from a book at a Barnes And Noble bookstore he and Gerard used to work at, The phrase “Three Tales of a Chemical Romance” was from an Irvine Welsh novel and instantly caught Mikeys eye.


Elena – His grandmother, Gerard – his older brother, The Misfits, Iron Maiden, Blur and The Smashing Pumpkins.


Mikey’s favorite food is sushi.
He dropped out of collage to join the band.
Mikey didn’t go to his high school prom becasue he went to a Moterhead concert instead.
He had laser eye surgery in 2006 becasue he was near sighted and no longer wears glasses.
Mikey is engaged to Alicia Simmons who also plays bass.
The first concert he attended was The Smashing Pumpkins.


Liver damage
Three broken toes from an epic battle with a brick wall.
Multiple upper respiratory infections.


On March 8th 2007 Mikey married his fiance Alicia Simmons at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gerard was the best man at the wedding and the first to announce the news on the bands official website:

Mikey And Alicia

Mikey And Alicia

“I’m very proud to announce my brother’s recent marriage. Watching him grow up into a man and finding love makes me the happiest brother alive. In light of this joyous event, the band has decided to give him and his wife a much needed break from the road to start a life and have a proper honeymoon and do all the things a newly-wed couple should do. I know this is upsetting news, as it is for us, but we will continue to tour with a temporary replacement until he has situated himself in his new life.”

Frank later explained to Kerrang! magazine that there was no set date for Mikey’s return to My Chemical Romance and that Mikey did not ask for a break, but when the band suggested it he jumped at the chance. Frank says that he was a big supporter of Mikey’s departure in case he too wanted to take a break from the band on his upcoming wedding that took place just a year later in March 2008.
Following the departure many rumors began to circulate about the departure being permanent or that the band were splitting up. These rumors were denied by all members of the band.


Mikey’s replacement came in the form of the bands guitar technician, Matt Cortez, who replaced Mikey on The Black Parade tour in late April 2007. He played with the band for around four months until Mikey returned to the group in late August 2007.


On 29th September 2009 Mikey revealed via his Twitter page that he was offered a try-out to be in the alternative rock band Kill Hannah.

Little known fact; about 12 years ago, mat devine offered me a try-out to be in Kill Hannah. I was 17 and living at my parents house.
about 13 hours ago from Echofon