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Basic Details

Owned By: Chris
Launched: April 2006
Hosted By: EZPZ Hosting


Drinking Souls was launched in April 2006. The site was created to share my appreciation of My Chemical Romance whilst building upon my web abilities. During the time of it’s creation, there were a lack of MCR fansites with any decent content.

Site History

The building of Drinking Souls initially began on in late 2005. At the time of creation it was a small website I created to show my appreciation af several different bands. As I added more to the site I decided to ditch the Freewebs template builders and began to learn HTML and CSS to create a better quality site. By early 2006 I made the decision to launch the site as a My Chemical Romance fansite only. On our first day of re-opening on Freewebs we attracted over 100 visitors. For my first project I was amazed by the popularity of the site. Despite our growth, I still consider 100 visitors a day to be a lot. In mid 2006 the tight restrictions foreced me to leave Freewebs. I was offered hosting by my good friend Aileen, who ran the now deceased I was hosted as a subdomain of MCR Online ( for most of the year until the server we were on failed. Unfortunatly everything was lost from Drinking Souls and MCR-Online. Due to this, Aileen, my host, decided not to return and I searched for hosting elsewhere. By early 2007 I returned hosted at with my first domain name, The decision was made to buy the domain instead of the .com because I was so unsure of the future of the site and registering the was a cheaper risk to take. I was attending college full time by then and I did not know if I would have the time or motivation to keep Drinking Souls online.


Drinking Souls is written in php, xhtml, css and javascript. Content is stored in a MySQL database using the WordPress blogging platform.


All code is written using Notepad and uploaded using Core FTP Lite. The graphics are made using Paint Shop Pro 7.0. Although Drinking Souls is tested in multiple browsers, I normally use Firefox to surf the net.